Sunday, April 29, 2007


Dear Nikki,

I have successfully found the perfect shoes to wear for the wedding. They were relatively inexpensive, they're comfortable (I think), they're fairly dressy, they're brown, and I can definitely wear them with other things. Couldn't be better!

see shoes here
(by the way, how cool is it that this shoe store shows all their products online? I love it!)


Friday, April 27, 2007

Monday, April 16, 2007

No progress

Dear Nikki,

Well, I keep meaning to post, but I keep not having any progress to report. I thought of taking a picture of my tank top in progress, but then I realized that it would be picture of yarn and needles... and I only finally managed to pick up the needles on Saturday! My LYS isn't open on Sundays and it took me a while to make it there when it was open. Anyhow, I'm hoping to knit (and for real wash and dry) a few swatches soon, and then get started on it. This time, I will swatch. After my experience of ripping out most of the back of Malcolm's sweater, swatching seems like a darn good idea.

I imagine that by now you have ordered the yarn for your new blanket. If so, what did you get? If not, I think that the Crayon yarn looks fun, but might be kind of a pain to knit with. My extensive experience of knitting huge scarves out of boucle yarn has lead me to believe that fancy yarn can be annoying. But that may just be the particular brand I used. Anyhow, I think a log cabin is an awesome idea, and that the Crayon colours look very fun!

I've finally figured out what I'm finding so weird about the weather here. It's spring. And it keeps being spring. And it's cool-but-not-cold. And it has been for weeks. I am decidedly not used to that. I am used to it being winter-winter-winter-winter- a week or so of spring - and hot sunny summer-ish weather all of a sudden. I may be remembering wrong, but that's what I think happened. And so, I am waiting for it to warm up. And it's not happening! The weather hovers around 12 degrees and it just stays there. It's the weirdest thing (let's not talk about the rain).

Oh! I almost forgot (although I don't know how)! I just bought and read the Yarn Harlot's new book. It was most excellent. There are letters throughout the book by a newbie knitter who turns into an avid knitter and stasher through the book - they were my favourite part!

Anyhow, I'm off to get ready for bed. I hope all is well with you!