Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm a winner!

Dear Laura,

Well, I'm in Germany and having a lovely time (you know, but our readers do not, that my beloved has been in Deutschland since October 1st and is staying until spring to work on his doctoral dissertation and I am lonely at home.) I'm even over my jetlag in under 24 hours. I think it's my magical ability to sleep anytime, anywhere that helps out with that.

I've had a lovely time so far. We went to a toy store today and drooled over all the awesome German board games. It's so hard to find the good German ones in Canada - and they had dozens, nay, hundreds in this little store! And then we went to a chocolate store and bought truffles, and then to the gummi bear store to buy gummi bears and then to the tea store to buy tea. And did I mention that we had my favourite kind of breakfast - fresh pastries at the bakery down the street? Yes, at this rate I am going to gain 10 pounds on this trip, but I will love every calorie!

The most exciting knitting-related part of this trip is that we are going to Berlin for 3 days while I am here and they have a number of lovely yarn stores, some of which you may remember from Alison's post here. I actually emailed her for yarn store advice and she sent me some great tips.

Today's exciting news, though, has nothing to do with Germany. Would you believe I won a contest? Amazing! It's here, at Theresa's blog. She's a brand-new-doctor too, in San Diego. Thanks Theresa, you made an already-great day even better!

Stay tuned for yarn photos from my trip to Berlin!