Sunday, February 24, 2008

All set for the weekend

Dear Nikki,

Last weekend I started a post about how nice the weather was. It never got finished. But I still feel the need to gloat about the weather last weekend. It was so nice out (sunny and warm - about 13 degrees Celsius) that I ate lunch on my balcony on Sunday. Without a jacket. And not in my warmest of sweaters either. And... did I mention that it's (still only just) February?

This afternoon I went to Chapters and my local library, and as you can see, I am all set for the weekend. I do apologize for the huge image, but I spent so long playing with adding comments to it I would hate for them to be wasted! I hope they're readable...

I bought Crazy Aunt Purl's book today, and I'm already on Chapter 16 (they're short chapters). I find her writing very funny, and although I can't relate to the divorce, I find her stories of her hermit-like lifestyle very familiar.

The only knitting pictured therein are the oversized wooly socks for my brother, which he asked for at Christmas, since he doesn't want to pay to heat his apartment. I'm hoping to get them finished before the summer :)

Speaking of my brother, and summer, I never showed you my awesome birthday present! He sent me the prettiest needle organizer ever, which I love (even though it's not blue!) and some very soft sock-ish yarn. In pretty much the same shades of blue as you gave me (which I also love). Arent' they nice?

Not too much going on here, I just thought it was time I restarted this here blogging dialogue. After all, you did post 3 times since my last post! How are things with you? How's the snow? Are you excited about visiting in June? I am!

I leave you with another pretty sunset picture.