Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fibre Fun!

Dear Laura,

Well, I'm not sure we can even chalk that one up to a little summer break, and we definitely can't pretend we've spent the past month and a half reading Harry Potter! We have been slacker bloggers, there are no two ways about it!

First things first: I loved HP7 and now need to go back and re-read the whole series so I can get all the little details. Your thoughts?

Second, on a craft-related note: did you finish your Ballet Camisole? Can I see?

And finally, some recent crafting from my end of the world. You may recall (I think I told you) that I was taking the Honeymoon Cami with me as honeymoon knitting. (This was Plan B, as Plan A to actually have it finished in time to wear it in Italy on my honeymoon - as the original designer did - proved to be a vast overestimation of my available knitting time before the wedding.) At any rate, I did finish it, right around the end of the honeymoon. And now I present:

The honeymoon cami, and a terrible photo of me. Please excuse the....general yuckiness. I thought about cropping my face out, but that's too much work. Also, please ignore the messy house in the background (hello, Mr. Iron, on the telephone stand) - it was just after we moved in.

Anyways, the details - the yarn is Dale of Norway, I think it's Svale, but the ball bands are long gone so you'll have to take my guess on that one. The colour is the off-white shade - natural or ivory or something like that.

I wildly goofed up the lacey part at the bottom, so it in no way resembles the photo on the pattern, but it looks okay nonetheless - and by the time I realized how screwed up it was, I had already finished a few inches past that and just couldn't bear to rip it out!'s a little unique.

I really love this top, and I think the saddest part is that I haven't worn it at all yet, except to model it for this photo. I'm just not a big tank top girl anymore, what with the penchant of my shoulders to sunburn in seconds. I'm determined to find a warm day this month (that is, before fall sets in for real, which is going to be SOON) and wear it at least once!

I do have a few other projects on the go or just finished - so there should be plenty of material for a few posts in the next little while!

Oh! And other exciting stuff - I went to the KW Knitters Fair this weekend! It was so fun! I bought some Tussah silk roving to make myself some wool-free thrummed mittens from No Sheep For You (which I LOVE - thank you!) I also got some of this, for another upcoming project. And THEN, when I got home, I called Lettuce Knit to ask them to mail me some Blue Sky Alpacas Dyed Cotton (in colour "shell") for my mittens (since I couldn't find it at the Knitters Fair) and they were pretty much the nicest people ever. It was a weekend filled with fibre excitement!

That's all the crafting news that's fit to print. How are you??


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