Monday, February 26, 2007

Shower fun

Dear Laura,

Have you dug yourself out from under the mountain of packing boxes yet? How is your new place?

I am in the middle of a blessed two-week vacation right now. It's been lovely. Kate and her mom threw a shower for me this weekend in B-vegas so I came home for the weekend for that. It was so much fun - but I wish you could have been here!

I thought you might enjoy some photos anyways. :) These are the ones that Mom took - I'm hoping that Erin and Karen will share theirs too so that you can see pictures of more than just me!


Kate's aunt is a cake decorator, and she made this fabulous milk-free cake for me. It was SO good. And I was all excited because my name was on it!

I was forced to wear the requisite hat/veil made of bows from all the gifts. It was...fashionable, to say the least! In my right hand is the gorgeous bouquet that my friend Cora-Lee made. She's going to make our bouquets for the wedding, so she did a trial run so I could figure out if I was allergic to the roses. (I'm not, thank goodness.) It was so beautiful. I'm really hoping that someone else took a better photo of it!

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