Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Blurry Photos

Dear Nikki,

I'm so glad to hear you had a fun shower! I'm sad that I missed it! I did have a great weekend too though. My parents came out to visit (and go skiing), which we did. They also brought with them my pretty new dress :) I really like it. I actually haven't tried it on yet, but I've known all along it would need altering, so that's fine. I'll be sure to get it done soon!

Remember how you asked for view pictures? Well... I tried to take some, at night, because that's when the view is the best. It turns out though that I'm terrible at taking pictures, so I have included one very blurry view photo here for your viewing pleasure. I'll try again, but I really think you should come and visit to get the full effect!

I have also recently finished knitting my Fetching wrist warmers. Please see the (also) blurry photo below. I like them, but they curl out at the top and the bottom. I'm going to see if I can find some elastic thread to run around inside the edges to stop that. They're nice and warm though! I haven't really started anything yet. I'm thinking of knitting the Ballet Camisole from MagKnits... but in blue, not pink, of course. What do you think?

Anyhow, I leave you with one last photo, because I know you like daffodils, and to prove that I can take pictures that are in focus!


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