Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Sock success

Dear Laura,

Wow, what a view! Thanks for the pictures - does that mean the fog actually cleared for a few minutes? I don't think the blurriness has anything to do with operator proficiency. Night photos are always blurry, in my experience! (At least they are when I take them!)

Those Fetching wrist warmers are lovely! Well done! They look complicated! As for the Ballet Camisole - go for it! It looks quite manageable to me. And of course in blue - is there any other colour?? ;-)

I finally finished my Dad's socks, and - of course - forgot to take a picture. They weren't all that exciting anyways - black/grey top-down stockingette. Almost as boring to talk about as they were to knit. I asked him to take a picture and email it to me, so if he comes through, I will post it! He was very excited about them, and he's saving them to wear at the wedding. How sweet is that?

I started a pair of socks for myself, for once. I decided to try a picot edge, which went well until the bit where I was supposed to pick up the cast-on edge and knit it together with the live stitches. I abandoned that plan - I'll just sew it down when the sock is done, even if that's the wussy way!

I'm also about to start a baby blanket for nephew #2, who is due in mid-June. I really debated about whether to make a quilt (my first) or a knitted blanket, but since I'm going to be sitting in a lot of review lectures in the next two months, I think something portable (i.e. knit) is a better idea. So, I'm going to make the "Circle of Friends" blanket (link to Alison's) from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts, which I borrowed from my fabulous friend Daina. I think the idea behind the blanket is that a bunch of friends can work on it together - but I'm going solo on this one. I'm using KnitPicks' Shine Worsted in Watermelon, Crocus, Bachelor Button and Green Apple. (That'd be red, purple, blue and green - vibrant if nothing else.) I used this yarn for the last baby blanket I made and it turned out really soft - AND machine-washable. Plus, it's cheap, and KnitPicks usually has pretty quick shipping. So, I'm watching the mail now for my yarn!

Well, I think that's enough crafting news for tonight. There is more....but I will save it for another day!


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