Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Dear Nikki,

Well, you have inspired me to get on it and order the yarn for my new big project. That would be the Ballet Camisole. The pattern actually calls for Knit Picks Shine Sport, so I was glad to read that you enjoyed knitting with the worsted weight of the same yarn! I chose a colour on the purple-ish side of blue, Hydrangea. I think it's really pretty! I think a real advantage of knitting a tank top is that there is a slight hope that it will be done in time for summer! I sure hope so anyways.

I also ordered 2 balls of Swish Superwash yarn (in Ballerina!). I'm thinking of knitting a cabled sweater and I wanted to give the yarn a test-drive to see how I like working with it. I really like Rogue, but I'm also considering a pattern that was in the latest Interweave Knits, the Cable Down Raglan, if you have the magazine. This is really some long-term planning though, because with how busy I've been, the tank top will probably take me until summer! Anyhow, I'm also waiting in excited suspense for my yarn... I wonder who will get theirs first!

My school has spring break next week, and I'm really looking forward to having some time to get ahead in my prep work, relax, and do some knitting. I'm also planning to get some quality ski time in too, so keep your fingers crossed for snow!


p.s. I'm not reading anything exciting right now... I've been re-reading Knitting Rules by the Yarn Harlot, but I'm on my second read through (in the past 2 weeks) now, and I think it's time for something new. I just don't have the energy to start something new right now. Maybe during spring break I'll get a library card and find something exciting to read!

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