Thursday, March 22, 2007

You are so talented!

Dear Laura,

Oh my. Those shawls are breathtaking. I love them! You are so fabulous! Yay yay! (And hello to Erin, who is going to stop by to check out the shawls...Hi Erin! Glad to have ya here!!) :)

I am sad to hear that you have no KnitPicks yarn yet. That truly sucks, my dear. I am devouring my yarn, because I'm spending HOURS each day sitting in looooong review lectures, and I like to knit through them. (I'm pretty sure I already told you this on the phone, but we have a rapidly-expanding audience - at least two people! - so I figure I should fill them in on this crucial information.) Nephew #2 blanket is looking about twice as big as the last time you saw it, and if it wasn't already past my bedtime, I'd show you a picture. Just trust me - two stripes, and a third one already started.

I forgot to tell you last time about my wonderful new needles. I order a set of Knit Picks Options needles when I got my yarn. They are reasonably cheap, and they are lovely. Everyone in blog world was saying that they are "just the right amount of pointy" and it's totally true. Plus, they're hollow, so they're light. They just zip along, knitting up a storm. I love them.

I am already plotting my next yarn order, because I think I will need a new project before these review lectues end! (The end of April...which seems far away, but I suspect it will come quickly.) I have another baby blanket in the pipeline, I think. I'm contemplating a log cabin design - mostly because I think it would be fun to make. Do you think it's a good choice?

Off to bed with me, to dream of yarn and jaundice (one of the topics of this afternoon's lecture).


p.s. Currently reading: Into the Wilderness. I found this book at my parents' place the last time it was there. I think it was a hand-me-down from my grandma, who I think has excellent taste in books. I'm only about 40 pages in, but so far, so good. I always like a nice, thick volume of trashy historical fiction!

p.p.s. Hi Somaiah! Laura, meet Somaiah. She's in my class, and she doesn't like to leave notes, but she's here. At least she said she would be.... :)

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Pamela said...

What the heck - I've been here forever, and i'm in your class, but I've never gotten a hello! Sheesh....

Just teasing :)