Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Dear Nikki,

Have you read the YH's post about Waterloo yet? I totally cracked up when she mentionned King and Weber intersecting!

Not too much exciting has been going on with me. I've been dog sitting the past few days, which has been going pretty well. Tomorrow I don't have classes, so I get to stay home and work on typing up notes, which will delight the dogs as I will take a break mid-day to go for a walk, and they'll actually have someone around. I'm pretty sure they get bored when they're home alone. The other exciting news (actually, not good at all) is that my car is sick :( It's been in being repaired since Saturday; apparently the steering rack needs replacing. Which is not cheap, and comes with excellent timing to coincide with shipping my furniture out here from Ontario. Yay!

Craft-wise I haven't been doing much. I don't know what it is, but after working all day I'm totally exhausted when I get home. Especially if I've had a Guide meeting after work too! I cast on for the denim bib from Mason-Dixon Knitting (thank-you again for giving it to me!). I decided that even though the pattern called for 4 mm needles I would cast on with my 4.5 mm Addis. It's a bib; gauge totally shouldn't matter, right? Wrong. First of all, the needles are awesome, and even the denim cotton felt really nice to knit. However, the feel of the bib is wrong, it's too floppy and loose. So once I'm done posting this, it's coming off the needles and going to the frog pond. But, here's a picture of the bib in progress, along with one of the fun flanellette receiving blankets I plan to give to my co-worker (the bib is hopefully for her too).

I hope you keep feeling better!


p.s. Currently reading: Winter Holiday, by Arthur Ransome. The fourth book in one of my all-time favourite kids book series. I'm not even sure how many times I've read this one, but it's still great!

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