Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Dear Laura,

Now whose turn is it to apologize for being slow to post? I'm sorry! You know how my immune system kicks ass and I never get sick? Oh right, that's not me, I forgot. Anyways, I've been sick for the past four days with the mother of all colds. I basically spent the weekend sleeping, migrating between couch and bed depending on the time of day. It was rotten. However, it would appear that I'm on the mend today, and I'm even going to work this afternoon! Hooray!

Despite all that, I'm still having lots of fun up here. I saw a ton of interesting stuff in the emergency department last week (including, apparently, someone who had the mother of all colds and shared it with me). The doctors and nurses are all fabulous and everyone is very welcoming.

The most impressive is one of the admin assistants from the hospital, who brought me homemade chicken soup, gingerale, lemon and honey and a variety of other "feel better soon" stuff this weekend when she heard I was sick. It was wonderful!

I wish I had interesting craft stuff to show you, but I'm working on a grey sock right now and it's not very interesting! What have you been doing?


Currently reading: Still Sherlock Holmes. It's awfully thick!

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